Enable Bootcamp to install from usb for OSX 10.9**WORKS**



So basically, I have trying to install windows on my mbp using a usb drive. However bootcamp wont allow me to do so since I have a optical drive on the laptop. I have been searching for a long time and eventually came across this solution and I would like to share this so u guys dont have to google all over the place again .

The solutions given before by changing info.plist is correct except that now Bootcamp crashes everytime you change it in OSX 10.9.


Full solution:


1. Add your Boot Rom Version(from system info) under DARequiredROMVersions.

2. Add Model Identifier(from system info) under PreUSBBootSupportedModels

3. Delete “Pre” from “PreUSBBootSupportedModels”, so you have “USBBootSupportedModels”


The first 3 steps are same as before and if its not clear you can easily google solutions with screenshots.

The next step is only for OSX 10.9, as it employs some kind of code signature to prevent you from changing info.plist and cause bootcamp to crash.


4. Open your terminal, use the following command

sudo codesign -fs – /Applications/Utilities/Boot\ Camp\ Assistant.app


Sudo means using administrator privilege and u need to enter your mac password. And the command resigns the bootcamp application so that it runs with the new info.plist file and not crash.


5. Continue on with your installation….




P.S. back up info.plist before u change anything.