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    Because I write realistic fiction, my childhood and pretty much everything I’ve experienced figures into my writing. It just comes from everywhere. And when I’m in that zone, I’m amazed at what I remember from my subconscious.

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    WND publishes now a portion of a university undergad transcript forStanley Ann Dunham. It appears inhigh school she was a B+ studentand got B's in two of her university courses upon enrollment.Adequate eventual PhD material–butnothing outstanding. Her reachseemed far to exceed her grasp.

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    Sorry, I lied about the FS network. For some reason, I thought this game was in Houston. It is not. So, yes, FS network still lists the home team last.Also, I’d like our DP Landin a lot more if he wasn’t a) fat, and b) a terminal diver.

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    Thank you for the, as ever, comprehensive review of an enjoyable puzzle. I was somewhat confused on the day by all the people who went off into realms of milkmen on 12a but as you say there wasn’t much wrong with it as a clue. I second the last sentence of your epilogue!!